“I’ve learned that the gift of aging depends upon the perspective 
and wisdom that comes with all of life’s experiences.”  

Dr. Christina Plaskos

My hope is to help people live optimally and fuel them to ignite their infinite potential.

When actions are infused with intention and self-love, we welcome the passing of time and see aging as both a gift and a privilege. My invitation is for you to experience and embody the grace, abundance, and wisdom that flow from conscious love. 

Through my personal experience as a mother and professional experience as a family physician and director of a medical aesthetic clinic for over 25 years, I have witnessed people taking their first breath and their last; I have been privileged to care for my patients in all the stages of life in between. Over the years, I’ve noticed a common thread that runs through every individual I have treated: the desire to be healthy, happy and loved. 

Inspired by my patients and combined with my own quest to sustain and preserve my health and vitality, I completed a Fellowship of Anti-Aging Functional and Regenerative Medicine to further educate myself. 

I believe that our body’s natural state is one of health and vitality. The most effective way to return to our inherent well-being is to protect ourselves from daily cellular damage, consciously develop rituals that bring us back to our natural state of health, and in so doing, enhance our body’s ability to function optimally. 

Living consciously and mindfully in every moment, enjoying loving relationships and each other is something to strive for. The mindful act of doing something good for ourselves, whether on the outside or the inside, ignites the desire to seek out other positive behaviour and lifestyle choices. Whatever your goal or intention in life, you can achieve it.


Ignite your infinite potential  


Dr. Christina Plaskos, Founder
Honors BSc Pharm, MD ABAARM Diplomate Functional and Regenerative Medicine
Integrative Aesthetic Medicine 






VP, Research and Development, BSc. Nutrition, Aegis Pro-Aging Skin Care Consultant

Creating change doesn't need to be complicated and I am here to make the transition easier. By using a systematic approach that is tailored towards your lifestyle and goals, we can co-create a nutrition, supplement, exercise, or triathlon plan that will be enjoyable, sustainable, and deliver results.

I have been fortunate to learn from some of the best coaches and athletes in the world during my time as an elite runner and triathlete. This experiential learning has been supported with a BSc in Nutrition and a Master's in Kinesiology. My Master's research was focused on the motivational strategies of the world's best ITU triathlon coaches. During this time I gained invaluable insight as I interviewed and observed these coaches working with their athletes.


  • Competed for Team Canada at the 2006 World Cross Country Championships in Japan
  • BSc Nutrition: Syracuse University (Summa Cum Laude)
  • MA Kinesiology: Brock University
  • VP of Research and Development: Aegis Effect Enterprises


GINA GALLO, VCAD, CYI, Naam Yoga Therapist

VP, Creative Director, Aegis Pro-Aging Skin Care Consultant

Educated in Visual Creative Art & Design, Gina's thirst for creativity has led her down many paths.

With over 20 years of studying integrative wellness, practicing, and teaching yoga, Gina's passion to serve and guide others enables her to experience the infinite potential that humankind embodies.

As part of the Aegis tribe, Gina's creativity, education and experience is woven into the philosophy and the aesthetics of the products.

With her passion for the betterment of all beings, you can always find Gina spinning a creative web in order to inspire, and help others.

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