Great Skin Is born From the Inside Out

The science of synergy goes beyond the intricate mix of topical ingredients. There is also a synergy between topical products – which address the physical manifestation of a skin issue; and ingestible products – which provides the nutrients needed to nourish and build healthy skin from the inside-out.  

Thus, a complete skin care regime must contain products that protect and rebuild both internally and externally. 

Our introductory Skin-gestible™ – Luma Glow is a proprietary blend of Essence-cial Fatty Acid and Anti-oxidant Oil designed to compliment topical Lumisceuticals® in optimizing the health and luminosity of the skin barrier and the deeper layers composed of collagen and elastin.

Luma Glow™ creates skin illumination from the inside out. A combination of three therapeutic oils containing essential fatty acids from the purest plant and marine sources with added astaxanthin for its superior antioxidant protection and vitamin D to help maintain optimal vitamin D levels. 

Human skin can only perform, look, and feel its best when it is treated daily with topical skin rejuvenators and nutrient-rich ingestible products that can build healthy skin from the inside out. This scientific synergy is the heart and soul of AEGIS Lumisceuticals®.






The human body was designed over millions of years of evolution to recognize whole, natural foods.  There have been more changes in the North American diet in the last 50 years than in all of human evolution, and the experiment is clearly not working!  Commit to feeding your body the whole, natural fuel it was designed to use.  The results will amaze you!

"Skin-gestibles are formulated with high concentration of nutrients
that go beyond what you can easily obtain from your diet."

Dr. Christina Plaskos, MD