AEGIS Physiological Active Skin Care

Protect  Ignite  Illuminate

No other organ reflects the aging process more than skin. Skin is the largest and most complex organ of the human body and forms the barrier between the chemical and physical elements of the external environment and the internal organs. 

There are four key biological processes that effect the rate at which we age.  These processes apply to the entire organism and every cell within it, including the skin.  Aside from aesthetics, skin is unique in that it acts as a barrier and shields the body's inner organs from UV damage, pollution, and external toxins in the environment.  That crucial function requires the proper nutrients to be achieved successfully.

AEGIS has formulated its topical and ingestible Lumisceuticals® to address each of these four biological processes.  These include: oxidative stress, inflammation, glycation, and mitochondrial dysfunction.   AEGIS has also identified a 5th physiological processbarrier dysfunction- which can wreck havoc on the skin.



Restore the Skin Barrier

The body’s protective skin barrier is an essential component to one’s health. Restoring and maintaining that barrier through the use of topical ingredients, nourishing Skin-gestibles™, and a mindful lifestyle enhance the efficacy of AEGIS Lumisceuticals® (The Celestial Collection).


Rejuvenate with Optimal Ingredients

As the skin barrier is restored, tired, lacklustre skin regains its radiant luminosity. AEGIS Lumisceuticals® contain scientifically proven ingredients to encourage this process and reduce the negative impacts of aging such as oxidation, inflammation, glycation, mitochondrial dysfunction. 


Love Yourself

By using AEGIS Lumisceuticals® as part of the AEGIS 7 Element approach, you can harness an empowering tool to optimize skin health, counter the signs of negative aging, an enhance your overall vitality creating a more extraordinary you! The AEGIS Ritual™ is a journey to self-love, the AEGIS philosophy goes more than skin deep to illuminate your infinite potential.

"Restoring the skin's barrier function and delivering fully active ingredients to the skin
is the foundation upon which AEGIS Lumisceuticals
® were formulated.  
Indeed, we at AEGIS have termed this Physiological Active Skin Care

Dr. Christina Plaskos, MD