Frequently Asked Questions


Why a comprehensive approach to skin care?

Using high quality topical creams and serums is a great strategy to restore damaged skin and prevent the signs of aging.  However, when we examine the latest science in combination with years of clinical practice, we understand that an optimal skin care program would be incomplete without addressing the other elements that affect skin health (see description of the 7 elements).  Dr. Plaskos has developed a comprehensive skincare approach consisting of 7 major elements that influence skin health.  These 7 Elements will improve one's skin and positivity impact daily energy levels, heart health, mental functioning, and weight management.  The end result is the AEGIS Effect.

How long will it take to see results?

When using the complete Lumisceutical® line (topicals and Skin-gestibles), improvements in hydration and skin softness should be noticed within 48 hours. More dramatic results such as a reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation will be noticed in 4 - 8 weeks.  Combining regular Lumisceutical® use with the other 6 elements should provide full benefits within 6 months, at which time continuing to live the Aegis model will significantly slow future aging. 

How much of skin aging is genetically determined?

Although there are exceptions to every rule, for the majority of us, the rate at which our skin ages is predominately (80%) determined by our lifestyles, or more specifically, how our lifestyles affect our genes. By limiting sun exposure, using high quality topical products, eating a nutrient rich diet, getting regular exercise, managing stress, making time for restful sleep, and thinking positive thoughts, you will optimize the expression of your genes to slow that rate of aging.  

Should I use all the products in the Celestial Collection?

Although using just one product in the collection is beneficial, for optimal skin health we recommend using the complete collection.  Each product is formulated with specific ingredients to counteract different causes of skin aging.  For example, Sole is very high in peptides to allow cells to communicate with each other, which is critical in cell renewal.  Stella contains a synergy of potent antioxidants to combat oxidative stress.  Luna rebuilds and restores the skin barrier while also providing ingredients to dramatically increase hydration. Luma Glow contains the essential fatty acids and antioxidants to nourish skin from the inside - out. When the complete line is used (especially in combination with the other 6 elements) you are providing your skin and overall health with powerful protection against the underlying causes of skin aging.

What is the Barrier Mimetic™?

The Barrier Mimetic™ is Aegis's proprietary ratio of three ingredients (ceramindes, cholesterol, fatty acids) delivered in Luna to mimic the ratio of the structural components of the epidermal skin barrier. Rebuilding the skin barrier is vital to the health and appearance of skin as its main function is to hold in moisture and nutrients and prevent pathogens from entering. By delivering the three main components of the skin barrier in Luna, you will be actively rebuilding and nourishing your skin barrier on a daily basis to enhance hydration and create a luminous glow. 

Does your products contains parabens?

No, our products do not contain parabens. We formulated our products to be as natural as possible to ensure your skin is not exposed to any harmful ingredients.

Do you use airless bottles?

Yes, we have packaged Sole, Stella, Luna, and Aurora Glow in airless packaging.  This is very important to prevent oxidation of important ingredients, particularly antioxidants such as vitamin C.  Vitamin C products that are not packaged in airless containers will go rancid in 1 - 2 months and therefore can cause damage to your skin.  We manufacture our products in small batches to ensure freshness.  Maintaining the highest quality products is critically important to Aegis.  

What is the significance of the Aegis Ritual?

For centuries cultures around the world have used rituals as a way to maintain order and harmony in their daily lives.  These rituals have allowed people to connect on a deeper level with oneself and the loved ones around them. This Aegis Ritual reflects this age-old tradition - a daily reminder that restores balance by allowing for a moment of awareness and self-love.  

Do I need to use the Ritual with every product?

You can use the ritual as often as you feel necessary to bring yourself into awareness.  We recommend starting with one product in the morning and one product in the evening when performing the ritual.