The Celestial Collection

Inspired by our connection to all creation seen and unseen

The Celestial Collection is a line of products that is unified and empowered by a universal message: An individual’s outer environment influences their inner environment and vice versa. Our “inside/outside you” philosophy is evident in both the way these products function and by the inclusion of the AEGIS Ritual which improves appearance by enhancing self-love and awareness. The AEGIS Ritual intends to bring you into the present moment, so you are able to consciously make choices that will bring awarness to the 7 major elements affecting your skin, overall health, and vitality. 

Each individual Lumisceutical® in The Celestial Collection has been formulated to compliment and work synergistically with each other. Research has shown that certain ingredients are more compatible with one another. For that reason, The Celestial Collection was formulated with specific ingredients to be applied at separate times of the day. This process makes the product line more effective at targeting skincare issues. It also allows the use of higher dosages of specific ingredients to address these areas and restore the skin to a healthy, luminous state.

"The solar and lunar cycles influence the natural rhythms within and around us. We recognize
that people have natural rhythms which have a profound impact on the function of our minds
and bodies.  Similarly the skin follows circadian rhythms that require different support at
different times throughout the day.  Therefore we have formulated our products to provide
protection during the day and restoration and renewal at night. "

Dr. Christina Plaskos, MD