How a simple 'pre-meal' can help keep you lean

In a perfect world our hunger would always match our calorie needs causing us to stop eating as soon as they are met, thus allowing us to maintain a nice slim waistline.  However, due to the added stress we face today, combined with the endless availability of high calorie foods, we often need to manipulate our diets or get some help from supplements to give our bodies what they need to function optimally.

Consuming a 'Pre-Meal' high in fiber or using fiber supplements before a meal can work wonders to help control your appetite and prevent over-eating.  In an article reported in theJournal of Food Science researchers found that supplementing with 8 gm of fiber mixed with water about 15 min before a meal helped people to eat less calories and feel more satiated than without the fiber.  Eating less calories and feeling fuller is great news for anyone trying to loose weight, but what happens when fiber is supplemented over several weeks rather than just one meal?  In another study, researchers investigated exactly that and found taking 5g of fiber about 10 min before meals for 14 weeks helped overweight and obese people lose an average of 12.5 pounds, while also improving blood sugar and insulin levels.  It should be noted that the people also received diet and exercise recommendation, which should always act as the foundation for any weight loss plan. Fiber supplements should be thought of as a tool rather than a cure for weight loss. And if you are worried about the taste, don’t sweat it, these days fiber supplements can actually taste pretty good so you don’t have to worry about choking it down (capsules are also an option). 

Although fiber supplements can certainly help, when it comes to fiber we can just as easily get it from food. Consuming a 'Pre-Meal' can work similar to supplements. Steam a cup of broccoli or consume broth based soup high in vegetables before your main meal to fill up your stomach. By doing this regularly, you will naturally begin to consume less calories when eating your main meals.