Embrace the Aegis Ritual

In a modern lifestyle of going, going, going, embracing a ritual is a way to press pause to honour, celebrate, grieve and dance with the various moments and stages of our lives. 
It invites us to consciously take time in our day to sit with the sacred and anchor our hearts in gratitude, love, and be open to insight and inspiration as we dare to dream bigger…

The AEGIS Ritual is a fusion of intentional energies, physical action, AEGIS Lumisceutials and Skingestibles. 
Over the course of the next six days we invite you to embrace each step of the Aegis Ritual into your daily rhythm with us.

Day One: Breathe
Conscious breathing is the language of the nervous system balance and control. As well a secret to weight loss, hormonal balance, clarity, creativity and awareness. The AEGIS ritualing of taking a conscious deep breath is about stepping into the moment, the experience of the now, pressing the pause button, reconnecting to not stray too far. It’s about one igniting another and another until your being is illuminated with breath and your cells are dancing and your nervous system at ease. Today take a moment or many moments to pause and simply breathe.

Day Two: Rub Hands
The healing hands are the end point for endless nerves and energy meridians. What is done to the hand can reflect elsewhere – it is a smaller mirror of the body at large. The AEGIS ritualing of rubbing your hands together ignites and wakes up energy and brings you into the experience of now. It sends a signal to energy that you are about to communicate and touch base with your essence. The act of connecting your palms together gestures gratitude and a meeting in the middle, while keeping a neutral mind. Today rub your hands together for 30 seconds or longer to generate some heat (energy) and consciously transfer that heat (energy) to an aspect of yourself that needs some extra attention today.

Day Three: Set Intention
Your intentions are made of energy. Becoming aware of your thought patterns and intentions is having control over your thoughts instead of your thoughts wildly having control over you. Intentions are like your road map through life. By setting intentions that feel good for you and by ritualing those intentions daily you can avoid wandering so far off the map that you feel extremely challenged to get back on track again. The AEGIS ritualing of setting an intention sets precedence for your day for positivity and gratitude. Today set your intentions with positivity and gratitude - shoot for the stars!

Day Four: Apply AEGIS Lumisceuticals/Consume AEGIS Skingestibles
Nourish your skin inside and out. Absorb the intentional nutrient richness of AEGIS Lumisceutials and AEGIS Skingestible-Luma Glow. The AEGIS ritualing of the steps of application enhance the efficacy of the delivery and intention of your choices.

Day Five: Breathe Deeper
Over time (with practice) the breath will deepen as conscious effort is initiated to slow it down. Long slow deep breathing massages the heart and vital organs, volumizes the lungs and brings more oxygen into the body, calms and focuses the mind while soothing the nervous system. The AEGIS ritualing of breathing deeper is a reminder to step forth into your day with your breath to help you navigate in a more calm, focused, harmonious way. Today breathe deeper, expanding out to all that is around you and available to and for you… It is abundant!

Day Six: Love Yourself
Stress, negative self-talk, and the limited/distorted ways we view ourselves and demand of ourselves are often a vicious cycle. When we're stressed out, we may become more self-critical about our relationships, careers, weight and eating habits, and in turn, a preoccupation with all these aspects and facets of our lives brings more stress. The AEGIS ritualing of self-love is intended to promote self-acceptance and love to alleviate stress and ease one’s mind that is preoccupied with negative/limited thought patterns. It is intended for cultivating a positive relationship with yourself and between the mind, body, spirit, and in turn all your relationships. Today LOVE YOURSELF, every aspect of YOU! Affirm: I AM LOVE