Love Your Tribe

There is quite simply no compromising when it comes to this principle.  Hopefully by now you have come to realize that “anti-aging” is not the purpose of this program.  Loving and supporting your family every day, however, is at the forefront of what this program is all about.  Anti-aging is simply one of the many consequences we get from living out this principle.  When looking at the longest living cultures around the world, one thing they all have in common, is amazing social networks, with family at the heart of it all.  At some level we are all aware of this need to love and be loved by our families, but for a variety of reasons family often gets pushed to the side as we chase after the things in life that we think will make us happy (moving up the corporate latter, new BMW, trip to the Bahamas, etc.).  This is one of the unfortunate lies that society has ingrained into the way we think about life in western culture (especially within the younger generations).  Maybe you’re thinking that you would love to make spending time with family a higher priority, but you have to work so that you can provide for them.  We understand this (we actually work quite a lot ourselves) and we are not suggesting that you quit your jobs, grow a vegetable garden, and live in sweet harmony with your family for the rest of your lives.  We are also not against promotions, cars, vacations, or any of that other fun stuff just in case you were wondering.  Rather we are talking about ways that you can connect with your friends and family on a much deeper level while doing the things you currently do.  Sometimes this will require you to make sacrifices in terms of your professional life, other times it will require you to step outside of your comfort zone and take a risk.  But most of the time all it requires is a shift in thinking.  One that moves from a self-focus to a people-focus.  When we focus our thoughts on what we can do for the people around us rather than what they can do for us, it literally changes the way we see everything in life (and also as a mysterious way of relieving much of the pressure we feel from the world).  The following keys are designed as practical things you can do to enrich the relationships with the people you love.  Although these keys may seem rather simple, they have the potential for some amazing life-altering consequences.