A Paradigm Shift in Skin Care

The quest for healthy luminous skin has been sought after for generations.  Skin is often our first impression to the world and when our skin appears healthy and functions optimally, we exude more confidence.  Taking care of our skin is an investment into our future and ourselves. 

In recent years, great scientific advancements have been made to make modern-day skin care more effective at battling the negative signs of aging.  That efficacy is largely due to the use of topical "Cosmeceuticals", which combine cosmetics and pharmaceuticals to treat the skin, as well as "Nutraceuticals"- today's new generation of ingestible therapies that marry nutrition with pharmaceuticals to heal and repair the body's largest organ.

Topical creams and ingestibles alone are not enough to attain and maintain healthy, radiant skin-which is often a reflection of our overall health.  That is why I have developed the AEGIS 7 Elements, a comprehensive, 21st-century skincare philosophy that is entirely new.

Dr. Christina Plaskos