The Aegis Ritual™ 

Honouring The Mind-Skin Connection

Researchers have found that stress and the skin problems it triggers reflect a “mind-skin” connection that is at work in all human beings. This connection refers to a physiological pathway in which two-way communication exists between the skin and brain (Orion & Wolf, 2012).

The human body experiences chemical changes and physical responses as a result of one’s thoughts and feelings. When one consciously alters their emotions and thoughts to be more positive, the result is less stress in the body.

By taking a few minutes each day to say a positive affirmation before using Lumisceuticals®, individuals can lower their cortisol “stress” levels and increase the production of endorphins – the body’s “feel good hormones”. These are critical factors in slowing the signs of aging, reducing inflammation induced by high cortisol levels, and improving the skin’s barrier function

We at AEGIS consider this to be as important as any topical or ingestible skin care ingredient. This is a paradigm shift in the way skincare should be approached in the 21st century.

Aegis Ritual™

Ignite your soul
Illuminate your skin

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The Aegis Ritual™ is a primer to the application of Aegis Lumisceuticals® designed to bring awareness and enhance the self-love and gratitude we feel towards ourselves. The mindful act of performing the Aegis Ritual™ is to embrace the sanctity of the moment, to nourish your soul, to awaken your spirit, and stimulate your skin’s surface. This quiet initiation brings forth confidence that will transpire to every other aspect of your life each and every day.




The AEGIS Ritual is ceremonial to self-love and self-care

“Topical and Skin-gestible products are more effective when combined with the propriety
application Ritual that I have developed. Allowing yourself a few minutes each day to achieve a
positive mindset while caring for the skin enhances feelings of gratitude and self-love. Over
time this translates into radiant, luminous skin and better overall health.”

 Dr. Christina Plaskos, MD