At AEGIS, helping people attain and sustain healthy luminous skin is our top priority.

AEGIS’s comprehensive skincare approach consists of 7 major Elements that influence skin health. These 7 Elements will improve one’s skin and positively impact daily energy levels, heart health, mental functioning, and weight management. 

AEGIS skin care philosophy goes beyond cosmetic model by taking a positive, integrative “inside/outside you” approach with products (Lumisceuticals®) and knowledge (the 7 Elements) for optimal skin health and overall vitality.



Our products are created using the latest science to unsure that your skin has the best protection possible from all elements of the 21st century. 

By understanding the science of skin health and performance we have formulated our products to ensure the mechanisms that allow skin to self-renew are preserved and optimized.  This is Physiological Active Skin Care™.

Lumisceuticals® includes topical and ingestible products that contain ingredients from the earth and sea to nourish, rebuild, and protect your skin. Lumisceutical® topical products and serums are formulated with high concentrations of antioxidants, peptides, vitamins, minerals, and hydrating agents.  These ingredients are delivered in a barrier restorative hypoallergenic soothing base to create powerful protective and healing effects. The AEGIS Skin-gestibles™ line includes products that reduce oxidative stress, inflammation, glycation, mitochondrial dysfunction and provides the building blocks to nourish the skin from the inside out.  



Consuming fresh whole foods on a daily basis is one of the simplest (and most enjoyable) ways to improve the health of your skin and slow the signs of aging. 

Over time, sun damage, oxidative stress, inflammation, glycation, and mitochondrial dysfunction can greatly speed up the aging process. Eating whole foods supplies our bodies with a vast array of nutrients needed to protect us from these biological processes. Whole foods not only protects our skin, but also provide it with the raw materials to hydrate and rebuild damaged tissue, which results in smoother and healthier looking skin. Working in tandem with eating a whole food diet, is hydration; ensuring plenty of water or other beverages such as green tea to keep our skin hydrated and flushed of toxins. Equally important to eating nutrient rich whole foods, is not eating highly processed foods that contain excess amounts of sugar, salt, poor quality fats, and chemicals



Exercise is a well-known strategy to improve cardiovascular health, bone strength, and weight management, but it is also has powerful effects on keeping skin youthful. 

Regular exercise improves circulation to help remove waste products from skin cells and replaces it with fresh oxygen and nutrients for nourishment.  Exercise also reduces stress, releases endorphins, and boost growth hormone and testosterone – key hormones needed for skin rejuvenation.  Finally, exercise tones and defines muscle, which makes skin appear firmer and healthier. If you are exercising outside in the sun be sure to apply sunscreen for external protection and take astaxanthin on a daily basis for internal protection (astaxanthin is found in topical Stella serum and Luma Glow Skin-gestible oil).


Professional Care


Although the other six elements are the foundation of healthy skin and optimal health, there are instances when certain skin conditions require more intense therapy. Technological advances in professional skin treatments now allow for affordable and relatively non-invasive procedures to correct previous skin damage, which can have a dramatic effect on overall skin appearance and self confidence. These procedures include microdermabrasion, lasers, dermal fillers, professional strength peels and neuromodulators (Botox).  


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Stress Management

Typically when we think of the relationship between stress and our skin, we are reminded of a breakout leading up to a big event. Although this is an unfortunate effect stress can have on our skin, it can also have greater long-term consequences on the health of our skin. Low levels of chronic stress related to our jobs, relationships, and lifestyle increase the production of cortisol, which over time breaks down collagen, creates inflammation, and reduces the lipid barrier of skin. The visual result is a loss of hydration, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Becoming aware of what triggers your stress and adopting strategies such as exercise, yoga, meditation, spending time with family, and doing other things you enjoy, will help to minimize stress and acts as a preventative strategy to preserve your skin and help simplify your life.  The AEGIS Application Ritual™is a mindfulness based stress reduction tool designed to diminish stress levels in the body and optimize overall health and skin appearance.



Deep restful sleep is one of the most restorative tools we have for the proper functioning of our body, clarity of mind, and glowing skin.  Getting consistent deep sleep is the best way to ensure sufficient production of growth hormone to slow the physical signs of aging. Sleep also allows for optimal penetration of the healing ingredients contained within Lumisceuticals®.

A lack of sleep results in dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. Over time, sleep deprivation will result in chronically elevated stress hormones and inflammation that contribute to a dull complexion, dehydrated cells, wrinkles, and a worsening of acne in sensitive individuals. Developing a bedtime routine that is in sync with the rhythms of nature and our own biochemistry is the foundation upon which optimal sleeping habits are developed.



YOU are the most important element! You are the creative architect of your own alchemy, the artist of your own consciousness.

Although, we are not always able to change our situation, we always have the power to change the way we think about it. Having an attitude that sees the positive in life sets off a chain of cellular events that lowers stress hormones and creates a strong balanced mind.

Framing a positive mindset can also affect skin appearance on a more mysterious level. It reveals itself much less so in the physical characteristics of our skin, but rather in the way we are perceived by others. When you carry yourself with a heart filled of love and gratitude, you create an infectious glow that literally changes the way people see and think about you.

"The AEGIS philosophy invites individuals to be the co-creators of their skin health and ultimately their lives."

Dr. Christina Plaskos, MD